Makeup Hints & Tips

Prisha’s ultimate makeup tips to keep makeup enhanced for longer

1/Always prep your skin, allow time for facials a week or two prior to your big day or a special event. Exfoliate to reveal brighter skin. Your foundation will sit evenly better.

2/ Illuminate not shine up your skin, you don’t want to produce an overall oily look to your skin so the difference is to enhance areas that pick up light. If you don’t want too much illuminator use this product just before you put your foundation on, it will give your skin the perfect radiant effect. Powders work really well on top of foundation as pigments are stronger and stay on throughout the day.

3/Eyebrow tint gels, this has got to be my ultimate favourite makeup trick. Want to get rid of those sparse eyebrows without using semi-permanent dyes. Quick and easy to use without too much blending and works to completely lift the look of your eyebrows. It’s like an instant eye lift.

4/ Set your Makeup! Setting sprays are the best at refreshing your makeup look, not only do they enhance the pigments of your makeup but completely feels invigorating, great to use on those stressful moments coming up to your big day.

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